Act Safe Arrive Safe

​​​​​Let us help you to act safe and arrive safe​​

We’ve taken tips from some experts – Australian animals who know all about the importance of staying safe in their own environment and unfamiliar ones.

​By adapting to your environment, you can reduce the risk of an injury and ensure you arrive safely.

Koala - hold on tight

​Hold on tight

  • hold a handrail or wall while the train is moving to help keep your balance
  • be careful with hot drinks or food, use a lid and a carry tray   
  • stretch your legs before you leave your seat    
  • ​please ask for help if you’re feeling unsteady to move about

Emu - Watch your step

Watch your step

  • mind the gap between the train and the platform
  • take care when stepping on or off, as each train and station is different
  • watch your step between carriages with automatic closing doors and narrow doorways
  • keep aisle ways clear

Echidna - Take it slow

Take it slow​

  • plan ahead so there’s no need to rush
  • take your time when at a station or moving through the train
  • allow plenty of time to be ready to board or disembark 
  • suburban services are frequent in Brisbane, there will be another connection

Kookaburra - Speak up for help

Speak up for help

  • please ask our team if you require assistance at a station or during your journey​

Bilby - ​Pay attention​​

​Pay attention​​

  • be aware of announcements being made, so you don’t miss important information
  • an emergency safety card is available in your seat pocket or cabin
  • an online version of our safety video with a transcript​ is also available 
  • take notice of your surroundings, including automatic doors, narrow walkways and when stepping on or off the train​

Kangaroo - Jump in a lift

Jump in a lift

  • if travelling to or from Brisbane use the lift when you have large luggage items
  • avoid using stairs or travelators with bulky luggage items