The Whitsundays: An all-year destination

​​​​​​​​​The Whitsundays

​​An all-year destination

The Whitsundays is a magical destination all year-round, with a season to suit everytraveller. The water is the perfect swimming temperature of 24°C all year, with days ranging from 23°C in winter to 33°C in summer. We haven’t even touched on the 74 pristine islands and magnificent Great Barrier Reef, all just off the coast and ready for exploring.
So, what are you waiting for?


Autumn is a season that is often overlooked. As the weather gets colder elsewhere in Australia, The Whitsundays remain at an average temperature of 25°C. You’ll want to escape the cold in the south and enjoy a toasty tropical holiday up north! You know it’s autumn in The Whitsundays when you look closely at the mountain side and spot the occasional tree that turns a bright red and drops its leaves.

This season is filled with warm, sunny days, making it the perfect temperature for explorers wanting to trek through stunning rainforests and national parks. The summer rain aftermath leaves the foliage lush and bright, with natural waterfalls such as Cedar Creek Falls flowing. Getting into the water is a must when you’re in The Whitsundays, with easy access to snorkel the reef, or explore world-famous Whitehaven Beach, ready for you with swirling sands and crystal-clear water. It's a well-kept secret that while Autumn may be a slow time of year, it is still one of the best.


As autumn slowly fades into winter, the days take on an extra sparkle. The humidity disappears and the clouds clear, a crystal blue sky and striking turquoise water is revealed – winter is an ideal season to visit The Whitsundays. It’s not a ‘real’ southern winter, but a perfect opportunity to thaw out from the cold down south. The migrating Humpback whales will arrive at the beginning of winter to have their babies in the warm, protected waters. By mid-winter(ish), scheduled tours and ferry transfers moonlight as unofficial whale watching tours. A simple ferry to Hamilton Island could have you stopping once or twice for crossing whales, or better yet – a full-day tour to Whitehaven Beach or the Great Barrier Reef could give you front-row seats.

See Humpback whales, jump into the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, relax in the sunshine, or visit one of the many islands – it’s all doable in a Whitsundays’ winter.​
Cedar Creek Falls

Whitehaven Beach


​​A season of babies, and The Whitsundays is no different. In spring we’ll say goodbye to Humpback whales but hello to lots of baby birds, livestock and marine life as was intended when seasons were set. Spring sees slightly warmer days, so leave your jumpers at home. The blissful weather is perfect for getting out and about for a stroll or swim.

The subtle changes in the environment each season are hard to detail and sometimes hard to see, but if you’ve visited The Whitsundays in different seasons you’ll understand. There’s a sparkle in winter and in spring, there’s an uplift as the new-ness comes through.​


​The Whitsundays is probably best known for sunny days and blue, crystal-clear water, but to get that weather for the majority of the year, we have to trade in 6 weeks a year to the rain gods. Most of our rain falls in summer so it’s nice and warm, meaning that all the usual activities can happen except maybe picnics… nobody likes a soggy sanga! The warmer days and evenings make it a perfect time of year to enjoy the water, both ocean (with protective suits) or pool and sample the variety of cold drinks and ice cream on offer in the region.

Did someone say mangoes? Summer is mango season! Bowen, the northern part of The Whitsundays, is the home of the Kensington Pride mango variety and during summer you’ll find roadside stalls selling bags and boxes of beautiful ripe mangoes from Bowen to Airlie Beach.

No matter the season, whether you’re a foodie, adrenalin seeker, or just into snorkelling, relaxing, and soaking up glorious Queensland sunshine, The Whitsundays will make a magical holiday all year round. Visit​ to book your next Whitsundays holiday.​

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