Westlander Menu


​​​​​​​​​​​​Westlander onboard menu​​

A selection of snacks and drinks is available to purchase on your Westlander journey.


Snack pack​

A complimentary in-seat snack pack is delivered at mealtimes throughout your journey.

At breakfast, the snack pack may contain cereal with milk, juice and a piece of fruit. At lunch and dinner, the snack pack may consist of a sandwich, piece of cake, juice and fruit.​


  • ​Chocolate bars​​​​​$3.50
  • Potato chips$3.50
  • Cheese and crackers$3.00
  • Mixed lolliesfrom $2.50
  • Lifesavers​​​​$2.00​​​​​​


Complimentary tea and coffee is available in the self-service area at the end of the Westlander Lounge carriage.

Non-alcoholic drinks​​

  • Still water$3.00​
  • Soft drinks$4.00

  • ​​​Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola No Sugar,
    Lemonade, Lemon Squash​​​

  • ​​​Hot chocolate$3.50

​Alcoholic drinks Served after 10am

  • Great Northern Super Crisp Lager$6.50

  • 375​​ml can​

  • Wine in a Glass Shiraz$8.00

  • 187ml

  • Wine in a Glass Sauvignon Blanc$8.00

  • 187ml​​​


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Journey west to the Great Dividing Range. The Westlander travels from Brisbane to Charleville twice a week, with RailBus Coach Connections to Quilpie and Cunnamulla.
RouteRoute:Brisbane to Charleville
DurationDuration:17 hrs