Group Getaways by Rail

Rail travel invites you to sit back, relax and mingle with likeminded travellers; take in the passing scenery and enjoy delicious cuisine from the moment you step onboard.

Take a nostalgic journey aboard the iconic Spirit of the Outback as you head west into the heartland of Queensland’s outback. With blue summer skies and rich golden soil to be seen on the horizon from your panoramic window, it’s easy to relax as you journey from Brisbane to Longreach.


Relax in a spacious seat by day and lie-flat by night in Australia’s first RailBed, as you enjoy a journey aboard the Spirit of Queensland from Brisbane to Cairns.


Each and every experience will be one to remember!


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<h2>There's no better way to create lasting memories and unforgettable experiences with friends and family than travelling together on a rail holiday in Queensland.</h2>
<p>Combine your passion and interests with a group rail getaway, whether you're off to see your favourite sport with your friends, taking in a cultural concert with your social club or adding wow to a family reunion. <br/>
Relax in a comfortable environment aboard one of Queensland's long distance trains and leave the driving to us as we take you to spectacular destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Townsville, Cairns, Longreach, Mount Isa, Charleville, Brisbane and everywhere in between. <br/>
The journey is as much a part of your getaway as the destination. </p>

Groups fact sheets and policy documents

Please review our fact sheet and policy documents for group travel aboard Queensland Rail Travel long distance and tourist services.

Queensland Rail Travel Groups Policy
Download PDF View the Group Policy information 2023-2024 (opens in new tab)
Download PDFView the Group Policy information 2024-2025 (opens in new tab)
Group Request Form

 Group Request Form (opens in new tab) (we recommend using Google Chrome when submitting this form)

Group Meals

 Group Meal Package (opens in new tab)

Edusaver Fact Sheet

 Download the Edusaver Fact Sheet (opens in new tab)

Edusaver Policy Information

Download PDF View the Edusaver Policy information 2023-2024 (opens in new tab)
Download PDFView the Eduaver Policy information 2024-2025 (opens in new tab)​​

Kuranda Scenic Railway Groups Policy

Download PDF View the Kuranda Scenic Railway Group Policy Information 2023-2024 (opens in new tab)
Download PDFView the Kuranda Scenic Railway Group Policy Information 2024-2025 (opens in new tab)

Gulflander Groups Policy

Download PDF View Gulflander Group Policy Information 2023-2024 (opens in new tab)
Download PDFView the Gulflander Group Policy Information 2024-2025 (opens in new tab)

​For more information please contact our Queensland Rail Travel group reservation consultants Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Contact us Call 1300 735 307 or email