Westlander Virtual Tour

Westlander Virtual Tour

Take a self-guided virtual tour of the carriages of the Westlander, Queensland Rail Travel’s service that operates between Brisbane and Charleville. You can use this tour to plan your journey by checking out the onboard facilities. The Westlander has a Lounge carriage and two Economy seating carriages. 

Please use this text description of the Westlander​ if you would prefer to read about the train rather than take a virtual tour. 

​Virtual Tour Tips ꟷ Westlander

  • The Westlander virtual tour shows the three carriages that are used by customers on this train. Note that generally, the train is longer as there are also power and luggage carriages.
  • The carriages shown include the Westlander Lounge and two Economy seating carriages.
  • The tour starts in the Lounge and moves through the seating carriages A and B.
  • There are some images of the Roma Street Station platform in Brisbane and the external entry points of the train carriages to help you see the facilities available and plan your journey.

For information about how to use the virtual tours, please visit the Tour our trains page.