Onboard Entertainment


Long distance travel provides the luxury of time where you can sit back, take in the incredible scenery from your window and enjoy time for yourself.  

We recommend for your journey to bring along the books you’ve been meaning to read, some card games, puzzle or colouring-in books or download some playlists, podcasts or your favourite streaming videos for you and the kids to enjoy while travelling.  

Embark publication​​

Embark is a publication available to customers on all long-distance services offering stories, information on upcoming events across Queensland and plenty of puzzles to solve during the journey. 

Spirit of Queensland entertainment​​

This is available through the in-seat on demand entertainment system in RailBed and Economy Seats. The entertainment program includes a selection of movies, TV shows and music albums. The entertainment program highlights is available in Embark. 

Tilt Train entertainment​

A limited program of movies and TV shows are shown on the overhead TV monitors on the Tilt Train. 

Free Wi-Fi (Tilt Train only)​​​

To ensure there is enough bandwidth for all of our customers, our free Wi-Fi on Tilt Train services, supports general web browsing activities only. Each customer has a 1GB allocation after which you will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. The connection is reset every 12 hours (at 4am and 4pm). If you intend on streaming music, video or downloading large files, you should do this before you travel to avoid disappointment!  

​Find out more about Wi-Fi.