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Accessible Facilities – Tilt Train

Wheelchair or Motorised Scooter Size Limits

Most types of wheelchairs or mobility scooters can be accommodated on the Tilt Train services however, size restrictions do apply. 

In general, these dimension limits are 680mm wide by 1200mm long.

Storage options for non-collapsible mobility devices is limited to the accessible spaces in Carriage A only. These spaces are added to bookings when Accessible Seats are selected.

Storage options for collapsible mobility devices include the luggage racks at the end of each passenger carriage or in the luggage carriage.

Onboard wheelchair

Collapsible wheelchairs which are compact and can be manoeuvred up and down the aisles are available on all Tilt Train services. Customers who experience difficulty walking may request the use of these wheelchairs to traverse the aisle.

Detailed information about the onboard wheelchair is available at Assistance available.

An onboard wheelchair for customer use.An onboard wheelchair for customer use.

Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing

To assist customers who are deaf or hard of hearing, Tilt Train services have:

  • Captioning on all safety and information messages, lifestyle programmes and selected movies.
  • Improved customer controls for headset sound clarity.
  • Onboard hearing loops. Refer to Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions for more about hearing loops.

Customers who are blind or have low vision

To assist customers who are blind or have low vision, Tilt Train services have:

  • High visibility handrails and grab handles.
  • Seats, aisles and flooring in contrasting colours.
  • Accessible signage provided throughout the carriages with raised text, clear colour contrasts, pictograms and Braille.
  • Overhead lockers with raised numbers and Braille to assist you in identifying your seat location.

Assistance on board

Customers who experience difficulty accessing the onboard dining facilities may request food and beverages to be served to their seat. Find out more about Onboard Dining and Menus.

For more information about the types of assistance available throughout your travel with us, visit Assistance available.

Emergency buttons (for customer assistance) are located near the accessible spaces in Carriage A and in all toilets.

Carriage Layouts

Carriage layouts are available for each service, including more information about accessible toilets, accessible seats and spaces, including spaces designated for assistance animals.

Joining or Leaving the Service

Step access

The Tilt Train has a retractable step that will fold down to assist customers joining and leaving the service. The height between platform and train entry varies between 16-21cm.

Train entry step onto platform.Train entry step onto platform.

Ramp access

An onboard ramp or a platform ramp can be requested for additional assistance joining and leaving the service and are available for use by any customer who requests it.

More about the different ramps can be found at Joining or leaving your service.

A customer joins the service using an Onboard Ramp.A customer joins the service using an Onboard Ramp.
A customer joins the service using a Platform Ramp
A customer joins the service using a Platform Ramp.

Carriage A

Accessible spaces and seats

Carriage A has three accessible spaces for customers to travel in or store a mobility device such as a wheelchair or mobility scooter. 

Accessible seats are available, including for people transferring into the seat from a mobility device. The seat height is 430mm

The rotation of accessible seats for a carer to face a customer with a disability, who is travelling in their mobility device, is possible on request (subject to operational requirements). Please request this when booking.

Accessible spaces are located nearby the accessible seats.

A customer using the Carriage A Accessible Wheelchair SpaceA customer using the Carriage A Accessible Space
A customer is served refreshments in the Carriage A Accessible Wheelchair Space

Remaining in your Mobility Device

For customers remaining in their mobility device, accessible spaces are available aboard the Tilt Train. 

For safety reasons, it is recommended that your mobility device is secured using the tie down straps. Customers can choose to have their mobility device secured into position by tie down straps or use their device's braking mechanism. You can inform us of your preference when booking or on the day of travel.

Tie Down Straps: If using tie-down straps our staff can secure or release these when the train is stationary.

A Team member securing a customer's wheelchair using tie down straps.A Team member securing a customer's wheelchair using tie down straps.
A Customer in a wheelchair secured with tie down straps.A Customer in a wheelchair secured with tie down straps.

Transferring from a wheelchair to a seat

Customers who wish to transfer from their wheelchair or mobility device to a standard seat may do so independently if they are able or have a carer to assist.

The seat’s external arm rest on the aisle side can be raised into a vertical position to assist with this process. Your wheelchair or mobility device can be stored in an allocated space and used throughout the journey as required.

Accessible Unisex Toilet

Carriage A has an accessible unisex toilet (toilet height: 480mm) at the rear of the carriage.

The room has a large sliding door, a timer which automatically closes the door after entry, grab rails, an emergency call button and a switch to lock the door for privacy.

An accessible toilet.Accessible Unisex Toilet.

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