Onboard Safety Video

​Queensland Rail Travel Safety Video

At Queensland Rail Travel your safety is important to us. 

Our onboard safety video provides an overview of the safety requirements when travelling aboard Queensland Rail Travel long distance services. We encourage our customers to view this video prior to travelling with us.

Video Transcript: Important Safety Information​​

(Sound of a train rushing past)

(Footage of train travelling over bridge, and then pulling into platform)

Luke: G’day and welcome onboard for your journey with Queensland Rail Travel. 

Cody: Now we’re only going to take a moment of your time, then we’ll let you sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your journey. 

Luke: No matter where you’re going, or why you’re going there.

Cody: No matter how many times you’ve made the trip.

Luke: At Queensland Rail Travel, your safety is important to us.

(Train horn sounds)

(Footage showing train travelling through fields)

(New scene of Queensland Rail Travel staff member standing on the platform with a train in the background)

Queensland Rail Travel staff member: It’s important to note that each time you travel with us, each train and platform may be a little bit different.

Cody: Always remember to watch your step when boarding. 

Luke: Or disembarking the train.

Cody: As platform heights may vary from station to station.

Luke: And if you need assistance don’t hesitate to ask one of the friendly staff onboard.

(Staff member greeting and welcoming Luke and Cody onto train)

Queensland Rail Travel staff member: Welcome aboard.

Luke: G’day, thank you.

(New scene of passengers sitting in seats onboard)

(Queensland Rail Travel staff member standing and holding onto grab rail)

Queensland Rail Travel staff member: When moving through the train, please be cautious and hold on to the rails.  

(Cody walks through the train showing how to hold on to grab rails. Passengers in the background are shown relaxing on board.)

Cody: Always use the grab rails or backs of seats when moving through the train, as unexpected train movement can cause injury.

(Cody faces Luke, who is seated in a RailBed seat)

Cody: How you going?

Luke: How good is this mate?

(Cody stands in the aisle next to Luke, who is seated in a Railbed seat. Cody picks up Luke’s bag in the aisle and places it into the overhead locker.)

Cody: Mate, what did I tell you? Don’t leave your bag in the aisle, not just for your safety, but for the safety of the other passengers.

Luke: Well, luckily you’re here.

Cody: That’s right, don’t worry, now let’s enjoy it. 

(Footage of the Spirit of the Outback passing by the platform)

(New scene of Luke and Cody seated opposite each other in a Twin Sleeper cabin)

Cody: Hey Luke, have you read the emergency and evacuation plan yet?

Luke: Mate, I have only just got on.

Cody: Well make sure you do. They can be found in all cabins and seat pockets, that way you going to know what to do in an emergency.

(Luke stands up from seat, picks up emergency and evacuation plan, and sits back down)

(Onboard team member standing at the doorway to the cabin)

Onboard Team Member (David): Hello and good morning gents, my name is David and welcome on board. It’s lovely to see that you’re reading the safety cards and in the event of an emergency, please follow the directions of the Onboard staff.

(Footage of Queensland Rail long-distance trains travelling through various scenery)

David: Our safety and evacuation card provides easy to follow instructions should we encounter an emergency situation. We’ve also included some extra safety tips for you to follow, while travelling with us. 

(Animation of the train exterior showing an example of the emergency ladders)

Cody: In case of an emergency evacuation when not stopped at a platform, we may be required to use an emergency ladder to disembark.

(Cody and Luke walk through the servery onboard)

Luke: Please leave all your belongings and follow the Queensland Rail Travel staff instructions or announcements.

(Animation of train exterior showing an example of overhead power lines)

Cody: On leaving the train, please be aware of your surroundings, overhead powerlines and other trains.

(Footage showing Queensland Rail long-distance trains travelling through various scenery)

(Queensland Rail Onboard staff member standing in aisle, holding onto grab rail, pointing to Embark Magazine in Cody’s lap)

Onboard staff member (Jan): Gentlemen, you’ll also find some great hints, in your onboard magazine Embark, to ensure your journey is safe and hassle free. 

Cody: Oh, thank you Jan.

(New scene with large group of Queensland Rail team members standing on the train platform behind Luke and Cody)

Luke: Your Onboard staff are here to make your journey a safe and comfortable one.

Cody: Don’t be afraid to ask our friendly staff for help, if and when you need it.

Luke: Thanks for your time, and we hope you have a great day.

Cody: Enjoy the rest of your journey through Queensland by Rail, isn’t that right guys?

(Crowd clapping and cheering)

(Footage of train travelling over bridge)